Forest Clearing Bulldozer

Forest Clearing Bulldozer

Name: Forest Clearing Bulldozer
Type number: HD16F
Weight: 17ton

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Product Details

Forest Clearing Bulldozer HD16F


Haitui HD16F forest clearing type bulldozer designed and developed for contructing road and land clearing.Our forest bulldozers can help to construct new main roads as they are needed and do maintenance services for existing roads that are needed in various situations such as after loggers harvest trees and after heavy rains that cause erosion etc.

Using our forest clearing bulldozers,loggers can build new roads by clearing all debris, weeds,and overgrowth of vegetation in the forest understory.In other cases, the debris left from a logging operation needs to be removed. We attach a rake to the front of the bulldozer and use it to place the debris into windrows.These windrows can either be burned or kept and used as cover for wildlife habitat.

Main Specifications

Overall Dimension5140*3388*3180 mm
Operating Weight17400 kg
Engine ModelWeichai WD10G178E25
Rated Power131KW/1850rpm
Displacement9.726 L
Max Torque765 N.m@1300rpm
Track Shoe Width560 mm
Track Gauge1880 mm
Ground Pressure0.058Mpa
Numbers of Track Rollers7 pcs/each side
Numbers of Carrier Rollers2 pcs/each side
Max Hydraulic Pressure14 Mpa
Hydraulic Displacement243 L/Min
Straight Blade Size3388*1150 mm
Blade Capacity4.5 m3
Forward SpeedFI:0-3.29km/h  F2:0-5.82km/h  F3:0-9.63km/h
Reverse SpeedR1:0-4.28km/h R2:0-7.59km/h R3:0-12.53km/h

Main Features

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1,Weichai WD10G178E25 engine with 131KW rated power gives you the power and reliability you need. Improved fuel economy over the previous model with strong torque output and low fuel consumption gives you excellent overall fluid efficiency.

2,The forward extended rollover protection structure (ROPS & FOPS Cabin) can effectively protect the whole machine and the satety of operator.

3,The optional winch installed on the rear end of the bulldozer can be used for transport of lumbers and other traction operations. For the operations in hazardous areas, the winch equipped can be used for self-rescue when necessary.

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Packing & Shippment

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