160HP Sanitation Bulldozer

160HP Sanitation Bulldozer

Name:160HP Sanitation Bulldozer
Type Number:HD16R
Weight:18.4 Ton

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Product Details

China Haitui HD16R 160HP Sanitation Bulldozer 


HD16R sanitation bulldozer is developed in response to the operation demands of sanitation treatment sites in domestic cities and is applicable for the landfill, leveling, semi-compacting, and stacking operations in waste yards as well as the traction of steel garbage chute and treatment tank station.

Main Specifications

Operating Weight (kg)18400
Engine modelWeichai WD10G178E25
Rated power(kw/rpm)131/1850
Dimension(no ripper)(mm)5262*4150*3074
Ground pressure(MPa)0.027
Track shoe width(mm)1100
Dozing capacity( m³)8.3
Blade width(mm)4150
Blade height(mm)1580

Main Features

160hp swamp bulldozer for delivery (1)

1,Super-wide triangular tracks can prevent the entrapment of machine in the landfill, leveling, semi-compacting, and stacking operations in waste yards.

160hp Sanitation bulldozer HD16R (2)

2,The equipped 8.3m3 sanitation blade features powerful cutting force and durability and can efficiently handle all kinds of working faces and the operation tasks for sanitation treatment sites. The unique heightened part on the top of the blade can prevent the ingress of handled material into rear side of blade.

160hp Sanitation bulldozer HD16R (3)

3,It's an ideal operation crawler dozer for sanitation treatment sites, wetlands, and swamps.

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