Waste Handling Bulldozer

Waste Handling Bulldozer

Name:Waste Handling Bulldozer
Type Number:HD16R
Weight:18.6 Ton

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Product Details

China Waste Handling Bulldozer HD16R for Landfill Application


We know that the waste industry is tough on equipment as the environment is abrasive and corrosive, and underfoot conditions may be unstable.You need continued performance to withstand your most challenging environments,whether you're operating in a landfill,recycling center or transfer station.

HD16R waste handling bulldozer is suitable for work in the harshest of landfill conditions. It is a powerful landfill dozer that will provide extreme performance and productivity,as well as protection from the unique working conditions of landfill.

Main Specifications

Overall Dimension5262*4150*3074mm
Operating Weight18600kg
Engine ModelWeichai WD10G178E25
Rated Power131KW/1850rpm
Max Torque765 N.m@1300rpm
Track Shoe Width950/1100mm
Track Gauge2300mm
Ground Pressure0.027Mpa
Numbers of Track Rollers7 pcs/each side
Numbers of Carrier Rollers2 pcs/each side
Max Hydraulic Pressure14Mpa
Hydraulic Displacement243L/Min
Straight Blade Size4150*1580mm
Blade Capacity8.3m3
Forward SpeedFI:0-3.29km/h  F2:0-5.82km/h  F3:0-9.63km/h
Reverse SpeedR1:0-4.28km/h R2:0-7.59km/h R3:0-12.53km/h

Main Features

Waste Bulldozer HD16R 06

1,HD16R waste handling bulldozer equipped with Chinese famous Weichai WD10G178E25 engine,It is a powerful waste dozer,operating at a rated 178 horsepower.It designed with seals and guarding that are critical to the life of our machine investment.

2,The wide-track or low-ground-pressure-track configured bulldozer and the blade with trash rack that increases blade capacity to 8.3 cubic meters to keep the dozer working efficiently in large-scale landfill operations.

3,Debris deflectors at the rear that redirect material away from the chassis and protects the engine, cooling package, tanks, and other critical components of the dozer.

4,Features a sealed cab that helps keep dust and other materials out of the operating environment as well as powerful air conditioning and recirculation to ensure a safe and healthy workspace.

Waste Bulldozer HD16R 07

More Details

Waste Bulldozer details


The waste handling bulldozers are built for durability and longevity in the harshest landfill conditions.HD16R bulldozer is a powerful landfill dozer that will provide extreme performance and productivity in landfill applications.

Waste Bulldozer Applications (1)

Waste Bulldozer Applications (2)

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