Bulldozer Main Parts and Functions

- Dec 02, 2019-

Crawler bulldozer is sometimes referred to as a track bulldozer and looks most similar to a tractor. This heavyweight is great for moving heavy materials from one area to another. This bulldozer is ideal for traversing dense and irregular terrain since the tracks give it great traction. Larger crawlers have rippers that assist with crushing and clearing dense terrain.The main features that differentiate dozers are blades, rippers, and whether tires or tracks are used.


Bulldozers generally require high-powered engines since they move lots of heavy materials around the work site. There are different types of engines that fulfill different needs.Haitui bulldozers are equipped with Weichai and Cummins engine.

Final Drive

A bulldozer's final drive are likely the most used and most replaced part on a bulldozer. Modern final drives distribute the load over multiple gear teeth and lifts the drive motor away from suspension.

Undercarriage system

Undercarriage system including tracks,track rollers,carrier rollers and idler rollers.The undercarriage is the most frequently worn out components on bulldozer.Therefore,a more durable undercarriage means lower running cost.Haitui bulldozers adopt Japan Komatsu heat treatment technology on this undercarriage parts and equipped with distinctive lubricated track trains,which greatly improve the service life of undercarriage system.

Push Frame

Push frames help with different tasks like positioning objects for cutting and clearing. Low profile push frames are a great option to increase the operator’s visibility in the cab. Take some time to review what tasks you need to accomplish and see if your push frame and other bulldozer parts are right for the job.

Bulldozer Blades

The blade is the heavy metal plate located at the front of the bulldozer that is used to push and dig through materials. Like we mentioned earlier, different types of blades are better suited for specific projects.


A ripper is the extended attachment located at the rear of the bulldozer that resembles a claw. Rippers are used to break up land to allow agriculture to grow or break down rock and earth to be moved. You can find both single-shank rippers and multi-shank rippers depending on your project needs.

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