How To Do Maintenance for Bulldozers

- Nov 21, 2019-

Bulldozers require a lot of care due to the heavy job they do. Parts and engines should be kept in perfect condition with regular maintenance checks to avoid large repairs. 

Daily maintenance checks should be done on oils, grease, the undercarriage and engine; this will help prevent surprises during the day but help you catch your faults early enough to fix them cheaply. A simple maintenance checklist is invaluable to ensure all machine drivers are inspecting their machines.

Visual/sound inspections are easy to carry out and drivers should have a standard method to report any faults with their machines. Steering, undercarriage, power and ground engaging parts are all simple for any driver to check. Track links should also be checked regularly. If you notice that the chain is getting loose, it is better to change it. Removing links from the chain to tighten it can break the sprocket and will result in it becoming a more expensive repair job.

You should also visually check the electrical system of the bulldozer to make sure that it won’t have any short circuits or damage on the battery and wires.

Make a monthly or weekly maintenance schedule that covers checking all bolts, your engine and various other parts of your machines.

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