Main components of loader

- Jun 29, 2018-

Including engine, torque converter, gearbox, front and rear drive bridge, for short, four large 1. engine 2. torque converters have three pumps, working pumps (supply lift, bucket pressure oil) steering pump (supply steering pressure oil) transmission pump is also known as the walking pump (supply torque converter, gearbox pressure oil), some models turn to the pump. Equipped with pilot pump (supply control valve pre pressure oil) 3.. Working hydraulic oil road, hydraulic tank, work pump, multi channel valve, lifting oil cylinder and bucket oil cylinder 4. walking oil roads: gearbox oil bottom oil, walking pump, one way into the torque converter, one way into the gear valve, transmission clutch 5. drive: drive shaft, main differential, wheel side Speed reducer 6. steering oil road: oil tank, steering pump, steady flow valve (or priority valve) steering gear, steering oil cylinder 7. gearbox has one (planetary) and divided (fixed axis) two types

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