Small Dozers Vs Large Dozers In Forest Clearing Work

- Aug 17, 2020-

Small Dozers Vs Large Dozers

Small dozers, though often not satisfactory for the heavier work, are all right for some purposes in land-clearing operations.They may be used successfully for clearing small stumps, particularly if the earth is sandy; and they are also handy for surface clearing and for repiling the debris during the burning operations.

Large Dozers Are Recommended

Efficient bulldozer operators will ordinarily recommend the larger dozers. Some maintain that even the largest dozers now available are too small for most land-clearing work. Great power is required to push out the huge fragments of stumps and roots that remain after the stumps are cracked by the use of explosives.Though the cost per hour is higher for large machines, the cost per acre is often lower, because less time is required. However, the large machines, weighing from seventeen to twenty tons, are sometimes too heavy to move across small bridges.Some efficient operators recommend a team consisting of a small and a large dozer. Because of additional costs, however, such a combination is but rarely used.

Choose Your Dozer Operator Carefully

Farmers and contractors agree that it pays to get the best dozer operator available. Men who have had experience in logging and excavating with a dozer are not always efficient operators for land-clearing work. A good dozer operator, in using the machine to push the debris into piles, makes piles that are compact and free of earth. Such piles may be easily burned. On the other hand, the repiling of the logs, stumps, and brush is an expensive task and should be unnecessary.

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