What Is Forest Bulldozer And It's Function

- Mar 10, 2020-

Forest bulldozers are used for constructing roads and log dumps,fire fighting and transporting logs.When a log is snigged the forest bulldozer goes down to where the tree has been felled, grabs hold of it and drags it up to the dump. A forest bulldozer can also remove bark if its blade is run down the side of the log.

Forest bulldozers have tracks instead of wheels.On the front is a blade which can move soil and vegetation.On the back is a winch with a cable used for dragging logs.

Minor Road Construction and Maintenance

Forest bulldozers are used to construct new main roads or new access roads as they are needed. For existing roads, we provide maintenance services that are needed in various situations such as after loggers harvest trees, after heavy rains that cause erosion, after years of neglect, etc. This maintenance work helps keep the road systems on your property drivable and properly graded.

General Clearing and Raking

Using our forest bulldozers, we can create beautiful pine stands and hardwood stands by clearing all debris, weeds, and overgrowth of vegetation in the forest understory. Sometimes herbicide treatment is not enough to remove an abundance of scrappy standing vegetation, so can use forest bulldozers for clearing it. In other cases, the debris left from a logging operation needs to be removed. We attach a rake to the front of the bulldozer and use it to place the debris into wind rows.

Transport Logs

Meanwhile,the winch installed on the rear end of the forest bulldozer can be used for transport of lumbers and other traction operations. For the operations in hazardous areas, the winch equipped can be used for self-rescue when necessary.

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