Mini Tractor Backhoe Loader WZ45-16

Mini Tractor Backhoe Loader WZ45-16

Name: mini tractor Backhoe Loader
Model: WZ45-16
Self weight:5200kg

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Mini tractor backhoe loader WZ45-16

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Backhoe Loaders provide superior digging, trenching, back-filling and material handling capability and can be used for many applications, including but not limited to General Construction, Demolitions and Excavations, Landscaping, Breaking Asphalt and Paving.HAITUI backhoes deliver the power and precise handling you need when operating in areas where using larger equipment is not practical. Because of their relatively small frame size and versatility our backhoe loaders improve construction productivity and lower your machine operating costs. Select a HAITUI Backhoe Loader to best meet your needs today.



                                            Main specification of WZ45-16 backhoe loader
operating weight5200kg
overall dimensions6000*1885*2900mm
loading bucket capacity0.6m³
backhoe bucket capacity0.2m³
rated load1600kg
modelxichai 4DW91-45 with 33kw
option Xinchai A498BT1 with 36.8kw
                                                             backhoe working range
Max digging depth3400mm
Max digging height
Max digging radius4600mm
                                                           Loading working range
Max rise height3700mm
Max dumping height2700mm
Min dumping distance1000mm




With the advent of hydraulic powered attachments such as a tiltrotator, breaker, a grapple or an auger, the backhoe is frequently used in many applications other than excavation and with the tiltrotator attachment, serves as an effective tool carrier. Many backhoes feature quick coupler (quick-attach) mounting systems for simplified attachment mounting, dramatically increasing the machine's utilization on the job site. 




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