2 Units 320HP Crawler Bulldozer Delivered To Russia Customer

- Jan 23, 2019-

Before Chinese new year coming,2 units 320HP hydraulic crawler bulldozer HD32 were ready for delivery.Today they are loaded on flat truck and will be sent to our Russia customer by road.

320HP Bulldozer HD32 (1)

320HP Bulldozer HD32 (2)

Haitui HD32 320hp bulldozer is a medium size crawler dozer which equivalent to Cat D8 or Shantui SD32 dozer.Based on Yishan TY320B, the HD32 bulldozer was developed by Haitui for operation in earthmoving projects with tough conditions. Equipped with a hydraulic drive system and an advanced structure, which provides reliable performance and convenient and flexible operation, the HD32 bulldozer is the ideal medium size construction machine for earthmoving projects.

320HP Bulldozer HD32 (3)

320HP Bulldozer HD32 (4)

HD32 320hp bulldozer widely used at coal,mining projects,with different cabins and devices,it also can be used on forest logging,sanitation treatment etc.

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