2 Units HD22 Bulldozer Delivered To Power Plant In Henan Province

- Jun 29, 2020-

Today 2 units HD22 bulldozer arrived at a power plant in Henan province.The good-looking appearance and nice performance are highly approved by customer.

HD22 Bulldozer-1

HD22 Bulldozer-2

In April,Henan Longjinda power plant launched a tender to identify a supplier for the new bulldozers for coal pushing work.After a long tender process,we finally won the bidding by high quality and competitive prices and delivered our bulldozers on time.

HD22 Bulldozer-4

HD22 Bulldozer-5

HD22 Bulldozer equipped with CUMMINS NT855-C280S10 175kw engine,more powerful and reliable.Improved fuel economy over the previous model with strong torque output and low fuel consumption gives you excellent overall fluid efficiency.The highly reliable power shift transmission, stable torque converter and the two-stage straight-tooth structure's final drive can transmit power efficiently.

HD22 bulldozer is an indispensable equipment for national defense engineering, mining construction, urban and rural road construction and water conservancy construction.

HD22 Bulldozer-3

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