7 Ton Wheeled Excavator HTW75 Delivered To Client

- Nov 21, 2019-

One set 7 ton wheeled excavator HTW75 today loaded on truck and will be delivered to client.

7 Ton Wheeled Excavator 5

HTW75 excavator is a new-generation wheeled excavator independently developed by Haitui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. It adopts domestic famous brand engine with high power and low fuel consumption to ensure the strong power; the precise matching of efficient hydraulic system with axle and transmission box ensures the working state and the walking state can be switched at will, and a variety of special configurations can be selected to adapt to the needs of different countries and customers.

7 Ton Wheeled Excavator 1

7 Ton Wheeled Excavator 2

1,Equipped with Xinchai 48KW engine which can meet the national III emission standard,high power output, more powerful and efficient. Yuchai or Yanmar engines for options.

2,Adopts Liansheng drive axle and Changchi gearbox, and the efficient matching with the hydraulic systems makes it can move from site to site fast.

3, Using domestic famous gear pump, Lonking rotary motor and Eaton multi-way valve with features of fast and coordinate three compound actions, high reliability and long service life. Optional variable displacement piston pump and imported hydraulic parts to meet the needs of different levels of customers.

7 Ton Wheeled Excavator 4

4,Four-wheel drive,the power drives four wheels through the gearbox to cope with various road conditions.

5,Reinforced structural parts,suitable for harsh working conditions, double-balanced hydraulic suspension system can keep the cab horizontal, reduce the bumpiness of the whole vehicle and improve the excavation stability.

6,The spacious and comfortable cab provides excellent all-round visibility; the front windshield slides easily into the top plate; the ergonomic new suspension seat, manually adjusted to the driver's weight, greatly enhances operator comfort.Air condition and heater gives operator more comfortable working place.

7,Safety design for electrical systems, insulation protection for batteries and relays with rubber protection device to prevent accidental short circuit.

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