Bulldozer Structure And Work

- Jun 29, 2018-

Bulldozers are a kind of main machinery for earthmoving machinery. They are divided into two types, namely, crawler type and tyre type according to their walking mode. This paper mainly describes the structure and working principle of crawler bulldozer. The basic operation of bulldozer excavation is: A. shovel soil B. soil C. unloading.

Most of the crawler bulldozers with power greater than 120KW use hydraulic mechanical transmission. This type of bulldozer comes from the three basic bulldozers manufacturing technology of D155, D85 and D65 imported from Komatsu. After the localization, the TY320 bulldozers are type TY220, TY160 and basic bulldozers. In order to meet the needs of various users, the bulldozer manufacturers in China have expanded the product variety on the basis of the above three basic bulldozers and formed three series of bulldozers. TY220 type bulldozer series include TSY220 type wetland bulldozer, TMY220 type desert bulldozer, TYG220 type high altitude bulldozer, TY220F type forest bulldozer, TSY220H type sanitation bulldozer and DG45 type pipe machine. TY320 and TY160 series bulldozers are also developing similar products. In the TY160 series, there are TSY160L super wet bulldozers and TBY160 push and pull machines.

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