Development Of Excavator

- Jun 29, 2018-

The first generation excavator: the emergence of motor and internal combustion engine made the excavator have an advanced and suitable electric device, so all kinds of excavator products came into being one after another. In 1899, the first electric excavator appeared. After the first World War, the diesel engine was also applied to the excavator. The mechanical excavator driven by the diesel engine (or motor) was the first generation of excavators.

The second generation excavator: with the wide use of hydraulic technology, the excavator has a more scientific and applicable transmission device. The hydraulic transmission instead of mechanical transmission is a great leap in the technology of the excavator. In 1950, Germany's first hydraulic excavator was born. The mechanic drive hydraulics is the second generation excavator.

The third generation excavator: the wide application of electronic technology, especially computer technology, makes the excavator have an automatic control system, and also makes the excavator develop to the direction of high performance, automation and intelligence. The germination of mechanical and electrical integration occurred around 1965, and the mechatronics technology used in the mass production of hydraulic excavators was around 1985, at that time the main purpose was to save energy. The electronic excavator is the symbol of the third generation excavator.

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