Haitui HD22R Waste Handling Bulldozer Exported To Uzbekistan

- May 30, 2020-

Today one set of HD22R waste handling bulldozer loaded on flat track and will be sent to Horgos port and then go to Uzbekistan.

HD22 Waste Handling Bulldozer 1

We know that the waste industry is tough on equipment as the environment is abrasive and corrosive,so you will need a Haitui waste bulldozer to get continued performance to withstand your most challenging environments.

Haitui waste handling bulldozers are built for durability and longevity in the harshest landfill conditions.HD22R bulldozer is a powerful landfill bulldozer that will provide extreme performance and productivity in landfill applications.The blade with trash rack increases blade capacity to 12 cubic meters to keep the dozer working efficiently in large-scale landfill operations.

HD22 Waste Handling Bulldozer 4

HD22 Waste Handling Bulldozer 3

Haitui waste bulldozers features a sealed cab that helps keep dust and other materials out of the operating environment as well as powerful air conditioning and recirculation to ensure a safe and healthy workspace.

HD22 Waste Handling Bulldozer 5

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