One Set 160HP Hydraulic Crawler Bulldozer Deliver To Client

- Nov 05, 2018-

After 10days production,one set 160hp hydraulic crawler bulldozer HD16 is ready for delivery to our client,it will be loaded and shipping to Africa country Gambia,to help Africa people to build their homeland.

160hp crawler bulldozer HD16 (1)

160hp crawler bulldozer HD16 (2)

HD16 bulldozer is a standard type crawler bulldozer equipped with a powerful Weichai WD10G178E25 engine,131KW.It has features as following:

1,Planetary power shifting, forced lubrication of the gearbox, hydraulic power steering system makes the machine operation lighter, with high transmission power and production efficiency.

2,The high quality undercarriage parts like rollers and tracks guarantee the stable and great performance and long service life of the dozer.

3,The mainstream 14MPa working hydraulic system is stable in operation and has overload protection function, which can greatly reduce damage to hydraulic components.

4,The use of waterproof connector, new relays and integral injection-molded instrument panels can effectively avoid electrical system failure.

5,The main frame structure adopts steel plate welded full box type integral structure, which is welded with the rear axle box. It has high impact load bearing capacity and resistance to bending and twisting. High quality weld seam ensures the main frame has long service life.

6,The standard straight tilt blade features powerful cutting force and the three-shank ripper can be equipped for the ripping of clay and frozen earth, featuring high working efficiency and super-strong penetrating force.

160hp crawler bulldozer HD16 details

The HD16 crawler dozer loaded and transported by a flat truck and will be shipped by RO-RO by sea.Before loaded,the whole machine will be coated with a layer of wax to prevent rust.

160hp crawler bulldozer HD16 (3)

160hp crawler bulldozer HD16 (4)

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