SINOMACH 165HP Bulldozer Delivered By 40HC Container

- Jun 16, 2020-

After few hours hard working,one unit Sinomach 165HP bulldozer OEM by Haitui factory finished loading by 40HC container.

165HP Sinomach Bulldozer 3

Many customers worried about the higher shipping cost by RO-RO or Flat-Rack container,so they confused that wheather bulldozer can be loaded by container?The answer is yes,it is.

As for 165HP bulldozer,if we removed the cabin,blade,pushing rods,track chain and track shoes,then it can be loaded into a 40HC container.This will make the shipping cost much cheaper.But it also request customers must have equippment and ability to do the assemble work.

165HP Sinomach Bulldozer 4

165HP Sinomach Bulldozer

165HP Sinomach Bulldozer 2

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