The Difference Between Scraper, Loader, Bulldozer And Excavator.

- Jun 29, 2018-

Loaders are generally seen in seaports and logistics centers, mainly loading and unloading containers. The excavator is a flat surface, with the function of snow, earth, soil and so on. The excavator is a common kind of engineering machinery, which is mainly used to excavate soil, load, remove, chisel, gravel and so on. Shovel shovel is mainly shoveling soil, shoveling snow, loading the suitable range and excavator, but the operating conditions are limited, efficiency is higher than the excavator, the shovel can not work in soft soil and steep trenches, and the general shovel is the wheel type. Bulldozers are mainly bulldozing, leveling, loosening, and so on. Therefore, in many development areas, we can see that excavators and bulldozers operate with each other, and the efficiency is very high. The shovellacher, as its name implies, is shoveling soil and transporting. The scraper usually shovels the soil in its own "stomach" where it is more than 500 meters to 2000 meters, and put it in the place where the soil is needed! Loaders can also carry out mild shovel work. By changing the corresponding working devices, they can carry out operations such as bulldozing, lifting, loading and unloading timber and steel pipes. Scrapers can be used as loaders, but loaders cannot be used as scrapers. Bulldozers driven by tractors have a wide, blunt horizontal shovel to remove land, road structures, or similar work.

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