The First Skills Competition Was Held In Haitui Bulldozer Factory

- Jul 20, 2020-

In order to promote workers to learn more knowledge of bulldozers and improve their ability of operation and assembly,the first workers skills competition was held in our bulldozer factory on 20th July.

skill test 1

Workers are divided into different teams and tested to distinguish the bulldozer parts name,parts number and location of assemble,identify different tools,assemble the bulldozer as the correct process etc.The examiner will give scores based on the performance of the workers.

skill test 2

Through this skills test,the skills level and assembly ability of the workers were tested.Workers also realized their own shortcomings,it will help to promote them to work harder to learn more product knowledge and improve their working ability to produce better quality and more reliable performance bulldozers for our customers.

skill test 5

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