Single Drum Vibratory Compactor Roller

Single Drum Vibratory Compactor Roller

Products name: Single drum vibratory compactor roller
Type number: HSR6000
Weight: 6 ton

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Product Details

6 ton single drum vibratory compactor roller

Products Introduction

Our product is equipped with a roller drum and rear pneumatic rubber tires. The drum and tyre sections are connected by a rigid frame or articulated joint. Single drum rollers are usually powered by a diesel engine, and incorporate a vibration unit and a driver's cab with ROPS.It is widely used for all compaction work in earthworks and road construction.


Main Parameters



Operating Weight

6000 kg

Exciting Force

90 KN

Vibration Frequency

44 HZ

Drum Width

1450 / 1110 mm

Static Liner Load

210 N/cm

Travel Speed

0-13 Km/h

Grade Ability


Min Turning Radius

6000 mm


2400 mm

Min Ground Clearance

300 mm

Diesel/Hydraulic tank Capacity

85 / 85 L

Bettery Voltage

12 V

Diesel Model


Rated power

36.8 KW

Overall Dimension(L×W×H)

4360×1640×2500 mm


Main features 

1,It adopts famous brand four cylinder water cooled diesel engine ZN4102 with rated power 47KW,which is more powerful and efficient.

2,Closed cabin can be equipped for option and the cab is mounted in the middle of the roller and the engine compartment is located behind this. From this position the driver has an excellent overview over the machine and work area.

3,It adopt hydro transmitter,direct and efficient,no clutch and gearbox,easy to operate.

4,Rear axle is hub-reduced type with large torque and powerful force.

5,Vibration force is up to 85KN which is about 9ton to ensure the good performance on compaction.

6,It is fast to change the work place with high speed mode,and the brake system is air over oil brake,more reliable and stable.


Applications include pipeline construction, sub-bases, embankments, backfill and earthworks. Where soils are to be compacted under confined conditions the compact dimensions and excellent compaction performance of these models come to the fore.


Workshop view

Haitui machinery company was established in 2010 and we mainly engaged in producing and exporting construction machineries including road rollers or compactor rollers,loaders,excavators and bulldozers.Our production capacity can reach more than hundred units one month.


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